• Hello & Welcome!

    My name is Kim and I raise beautiful hand fed and hand tamed avian birds. I have an assortment of parrots in different colors and personalities from quiet apartment birds to talkative and playful . I am located in Lee,Maine. At this time I do not ship.

  • What I Raise

    • Green Cheek Conures in Normal,Yellow Sided,Cinnamon,Pineapple and Turquoise
    • Patagonian Conures
    • Blue Crown Conures
    • Rosei Frons Conures
    • Sun Conures
    • Cockatiels
    • Canaries
    • Cordon Bleu Finches
    • Severe Macaws
    • Parakeets
    • Kakarikis
    • Society Finches
    • Red Billed Fire Finches
    • Button Quail
    • Doves in White and Wild color

  • Price List

    Prices are subject to change...


    • Canaries: $65.00-$75.00 each
    • Roseifrons Conure -$400.00 each
    • Canaries-Red Factor: $100.00 each 
    • Green Cheek Conure- Yellow Sided: $300.00 each
    • Green Cheek Conure-Pineapple: $275.00 each
    • Green Cheek Conure- Turquoise: $325.00 each
    • Green Cheek Conure- Cinnamon: $250,00 each
    • Green Cheek Conure- Normal: $225.00 each
    • Parakeets- $50.00 each {hand fed}
    • Blue Crown Conure- $600.00 each
    • Patagonian Conure- $550.00 each
    • Sun Conure- $375.00 each
    • Cockatiel: Gray- $100.00 each
    • Cockatiel: Fancy Color (Pied,Pearl,)- $125.00 each
    • Cockatiel: Lutino and Lutino Pearl (red eyed) limited- $130.00 each
    • Cockatiel: White Face and White Face Pearl (limited)- $135.00 each
    • Cockatiel :Albino: {White Face Lutino} (red eyed)-COMING SOON $225.00 each
    • Severe Macaw: Will post if/when available.Not taking orders $1000.00

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  • Available Babies

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    Sun Conure Baby

    Zebra Finch Babies

    Society Finch Babies

    Available soon-

    Boxes are up !

    The nest boxes are up .Parents are rested and are free to make a family. Please understand that I dont over breed my birds so you must be patient on waiting for a baby. If the parents dont want to start a family that is their choice. I do not rush things along for them.


    The following have nest boxes on -


    *Kakarikies = on eggs


    *Sun Conures pair #1 = 3 babies- 2 Sold

    *Sun Conure pair #2

    *Patagonian Conures #1 and #2

    *Turquoise,Yellow Sided,Cinnamon and Pineapple Green Cheek Conures

    *Zebra and Society Finches = both have babies

    *Blue crown Conure Pair #1 and #2

    *Parakeets=babies n more babies

    *Cockatiel Pair 4 and 5= both on eggs

    *Black Cap Conure and Green Cheek Conure pair = on eggs

  • The Waiting List

    please fill out the boxes below and what bird/birds you are wanting.​